Environmental Assessment

In performing site assessments, Able Clean-up Technologies, Inc. has a team of highly skilled professionals using their extensive experience in the environmental industry. We provide complete and professional Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments and other associated environmental services. Able Clean-up Technologies can provide an impartial, professional investigation of commercial and residential properties. The environmental disposition of the property will be presented in a factual and encompassing document.

In completing a Phase I environmental assessment ACT, Inc. reports to the customer all information related to the property and in accordance with ASTM 1527 standards, including:

  • Site reconnaissance and inspection

  • Interviews with pertinent individuals

  • Review of federal, state, and local regulatory databases

  • Review of historical information

Phase II Site Assessment

Phase II Assessments are completed based upon the results of the Phase I Assessment. Using the identifies environmental conditions, a tactical sampling program is set up. Sampling is done on either the soil or groundwater at locations of interest identified in the Phase I. A Phase II is used for the purpose of confirming the level of environmental contamination. The scope of the contamination is addressed in a Phase III Assessment.

Phase III Site Assessment

Phase III Assessments are used to determine the physical extent of the contamination in the soil or groundwater. This investigation addresses the subject of site remediation.