Emergency Response

First-response activity will be directed toward spill containment, stabilization, collection and removal.  

Able Clean-up will handle all your Environmental needs in the most cost effective, prompt and efficient method possible. We have 15 years of experience as a corporation responding the the emergency environmental needs of the community that we live in. 

Our team consists of Geologists, Biologists, Environmental Scientists and Technicians.

We are a full service environmental company that can take care of your emergency from start to finish.  From the initial response, cleanup, testing, and reporting to being the liaison between you and the regulatory agency involved.  We will strive to do the cleanup in the most cost effective and prompt manner while at the same time doing this all at the lowest cost methods feasible.

After the initial first-response activities, ACT, Inc. can remain on the project site to continue services until all corrective action is complete by being able to provide any of the following activities:

  • Initial detection monitoring, testing and sampling

  • Review of geological and hydrogeological data

  • Heavy equipment for excavation of contaminated soils

  • Drill surveys and exploration trenches to detect extent of impact

  • Analytical sampling to determine extent of contamination

  • Skimmer systems for recovery of floating free product

  • Portable air stripper unit or carbon filtration systems for filtering water

Whether you have a major emergency like a tanker spill or something smaller like chemicals to dispose of, Able Clean-up can take care of all your individual needs.

The approaches mentioned above are only a few of the options Able Clean-up Technologies Inc. could provide in response to a spill.  Each spill is unique and will be handled individually according to the situation.